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Competitive World

This is the official video for John Harley Weston's single ‘Competitive World’ released February 2024. It features never before seen candid images and footage of Turner Prize-winning Scottish artist Douglas Gordon, much of it shot by the artist himself in his Berlin Studio Lost But Found and his Glasgow home. Ooft! We had some big nights! Mwahaha! Back in the quiet sanctuary of home on Tamborine Mountain, Australia, John added some of his own footage and edited it all together. The video was produced and directed by John Harley Weston and Douglas Gordon. All rights reserved per the credits.

Brothers And Sisters

Sending a little love to the people of Ukraine with my humble tribute to them and their beautiful country. This is the official music video for my song ‘Brothers And Sisters’ from my album ‘Hope Harbour’. The video features images of Ukraine during the invasion by Russia, which began in Feb 2022, but it is ultimately a message of hope for an end to war with some beautiful images of Ukraine's people, countryside and landmarks. Love to you all, John, x

Last Days Of Summer

I finally got around to making a video for my song 'Last Days Of Summer, featuring some Gold Coast beaches in Australia, where I now live. A bit of beach volley ball, some surfing, beach parties. You get my drift. I'm originally from Scotland, where there are some beautiful beaches, but here on the Gold Coast we have that year round weather to appreciate them. Hope you enjoy the video! This song won the Australian National Songwriting Contest (rock category).


The official video for John’s single ‘Voices’ released April 2022. Designed to make you happy but it just might make you cry, it's a celebration of love in the city of Glasgow, featuring some fabulous images of George Square, Merchant City, Kelvingrove, West End, the River Clyde and more. The usual Scottish love story; midnight, George Square, Glasgow, two young soon-to-be lovers sharing a pizza (John and his wife Susan) when out of the darkness comes a punk with his German Shepherd dog straining at the leash. True story! Could have gone either way, had it not been for words wisdom from the statues in the square, Scottish poet Robert Burns and writer Sir Walter Scott.

In Love With Berlin

This is the official video for John’s single ‘In Love With Berlin’ released October 2022. It’s a bit of fun! Something to capture his love for the city and compliment the music. He used some of his own photos and video footage in the process. John says, ‘Berlin is such a free, mature, tolerant, multi-cultural, safe city, with beautiful people, architecture, art galleries and museums. As you walk around, music fills the urban air and clubs with an excited hope that echoes through Berlin’s broad streets and shoulders. It’s easy to Love Berlin’.

Television Interview

A short 3 minute Channel 9 television interview with John Harley Weston after winning the Australian National Songwriting Contest (2005 - rock category). Includes a hot jam session with Australian icon John 'Swanee' Swan (Jimmy Barnes' brother) and acclaimed Canadian slide guitarist Kirk Lorange

Welcome Back To Reality & Brothers And Sisters - The Centre, Beaudesert

John Harley Weston performs two original songs 'Welcome Back To Reality' and 'Brothers And Sisters' at an Arts Dinner at The Centre in Beaudesert, Queensland, April 2013. (video courtesy of Gary Poole of The Escarpment Resort Tamborine Mtn)


Waltzing Matilda - at Escarpment Resort Tamborine Mountain

John Harley Weston performs his version of the classic Australian song, Waltzing Matilda, at the beautiful Escarpment Resort on Tamborine Mountain for a visiting delegation of Tourism Industry professionals to promote the region. The event was organised by the resort's entrepreneurial owner Gary Poole, who won the Scenic Rim business person of the year. As you can hear the big room has a lot of natural reverb. (video recorded March 2013)

Waltzing Matilda - American Style

Few Australians know the iconic Australian song 'Waltzing Matilda' is owned by an American publishing company. An Australian movie wanted to use John Harley Weston's version of Waltzing Matilda (which is on his album Welcome Back To Reality) but the US publishing company asked for $10,000. The writer Banjo Patterson will be turning in his grave....he only got 5 pounds for the song. Needless to say the movie didn't John did a spoof of the song called 'Y'all Have A Nice Day - Was Waltzing Matilda'. Here it is.....


I Hear The Whispers

In 2013 John composed the music for the video book 'I Hear The Whispers' featuring Kangaroo Island photos by Wendy Buick.



Acoustic In The Park at the Piazza Part 1

Award winning singer-songwriter John Harley Weston performs 3 songs at the inaugral Acoustic In The Park at the Piazza (Southbank Brisbane) organised by Southbank Corporation to show off original singer-songwriters in the Brisbane area. (2006) Australia. Part 1 shows the song 'Beautiful Day in The City' featured on the album Hope Harbour. John is joined on stage by long time guitarist Pete Devine.


Acoustic In The Park at the Piazza Part 2

Part 2 of Acoustic In The Park shows the song 'Wouldn't Miss A Day' featured on the album 'Welcome Back To Reality'. John is joined on stage by long time guitarist Pete Devine.



Acoustic In The Park at the Piazza Part 3

Part 3 of Acoustic In The Park shows the song 'Welcome Back To Reality' featured on the album 'Welcome Back To Reality'. John is joined on stage by long time guitarist Pete Devine.

John Harley Weston - Australia Day - Piazza Brisbane

John Harley Weston performs with long time guitarist Pete Devine at The Queensland Premier's Australia Day celebrations at Southbank Piazza, Brisbane (2007). Song 'Beautiful Day In The City' off the album 'Hope Harbour'. It's only half the song but it's nice to have the footage, thanks to fan Angela.