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Competitive World  

Digital single, copyright ©℗ 2024 John Harley Weston. All rights reserved.

John usually favours guitar-based rootsy rock, but lately he's been venturing in to other music territories. His latest single 'Competitive World' (2024) is an electronic, synth-pop, techno-rock, dance collaboration with his long time friend, producer Sandy Jones of Foundry Music Lab. With tones of Underworld, New Order and Kraftwerk it could be a banger! John's official video (see Video page or John's Youtube Channel) features never before seen candid images of Turner Prize-winning Scottish artist Douglas Gordon. This latest electronic effort is in keeping with John's previous single "In Love With Berlin" (2023), a dancing Neue Deutsche Welle fun-flavoured ditty. How dare you wander off rock's beaten track! You naughty boy!

In Love With Berlin  

Digital single, copyright ©℗ 2022 John Harley Weston. All rights reserved.

My new tune is a different style for me but we're never too old to dance eh. Mm hmm! See if you can get that whistling melody out of your head, haha. The song is inspired by wild and wonderful memories of Berlin. I worked there for several months, with my cousin, artist Douglas Gordon, who lives there. Hadn't planned on writing a song in this style but during Covid lockdowns my cousin kept sending me these little videos, reminding me of how much I miss it. So, I started mucking around with synth and piano parts, then some lyrics to capture how I felt about the city. The genre is closest to Neue Deutsche Welle (New German Wave) rock music, born from late '70s, post punk, new wave and electronic influences. With a foot in synth pop, it's a nice departure from my usual rock and bluesy roots. Also check out the official video on Youtube. It's fun!


Digital single, copyright ©℗ 2022 John Harley Weston. All rights reserved

Typical Scottish love story, well maybe not; it's midnight in George Square, Glasgow, two young soon-to-be lovers are sharing a pizza, when out of the darkness comes a punk with a German Shepherd dog straining at the leash...could have gone either way. True story about John's first date with his wife, Susan, way back when. In the genre of a piano ballad, dare we say, this has echoes of the great songwriter Jimmy Webb, and perhaps a shade or two of Paolo Nutini.

Music Man  

9 track album copyright © ℗ 2016. Award winning songwriter John Harley Weston's 3rd independent album 'Music Man' (2016) is a shining example of guitar based rock, twisting blues, roots and soul to deliver his most personal songs yet. It's produced by award winning engineer/producer Sandy Jones of Foundry Music Lab who's creative arrangements help make a strong, memorable, cohesive album. Available from major online download sites now. For more information about the album click

Beginning with Motown tinged 'Telling Me Lies', a relatable alcohol infused tale of love and loss at the local pub, the libations continue on 'Go Hard Or Go Home', conjuring a Stealer's Wheel/T-Rex influence to relate a personal struggle with one's alter ego who loves the booze.
On 'When Tomorrow Comes' we soar above love's battlefield as Weston shoots soulful falsetto vocals flanked by Travis style jangly guitars. Paul Rodger's influence is evident on 'Better Luck', an observant tale of life on the streets of Glasgow, inspired by Ross Kemp's TV show, Extreme World. We get up close and personal on the slow burn sad yet enduring, 'Music Man', a vividly honest report of the songwriter's journey through life.
Then we set sail on 'River Of Hope', about boat refugees, invoking a deep south stomp with wailing slide guitar, ala Dylan or Waits. Social awareness broadens with Hall and Oates/John Meyer styled, 'Why Should I Care', a self-deprecating guilt trip fuelled by not being able to do enough to help the less fortunate despite or because of media saturation.
The tone lightens on the reggae-feel road song, 'Byron Bay Blues', with shades of Matchbox 20 and Santana, as we travel vicariously in Weston's old Nissan Bluebird to a music festival, On the haunting epic finale, 'Ghost Of Modern Times', discordant strings drift over ethereal vocals, reminiscent of 60's avant-garde songwriter Scott Walker's, 'It's Raining Today', taking us through fear and insomnia to a Led Zeppelin-esque crescendo.
Overall, 'Music Man' feels like a real album, standing on solid songwriting ground with memorable and noteworthy lyrics, arrangements and performances.

Welcome Back to Reality  

10 track album © P 2008. Acoustic guitar based rock seasoned with country, folk and blues. After winning national and international accolades, Weston's latest effort continues to deliver, from the cajun-flavoured 'Whatever Makes You Happy' to the Sheryl Crowesque 'Believe In Yourself' on to the epic self-discovery song 'Welcome Back To Reality'. It continues with 'Let Your Life Begin', revealing shades of Paul Rodgers. Rootstime Europe says Weston's only cover version on the album, 'Waltzing Matilda', '...should be added to the gallery of the greatest'. The music works on screen too, with songs played on Channel 9's 'The Voice Australia. Listen to the album below.

CD $20 Including Postage

Hope Harbour

13 track album © P 2004. Includes 'Last Days Of Summer' which won the Australian National Songwriting Contest 2005 (rock category) and 'Brothers and Sisters' which received highest level Honourable Mention in 2006 Billboard World Songwriting Contest. Last Days Of Summer also scored in the top 20 at Unisong World Songwriting Contest 2005...the competition that gave birth to songwriters Jimmy Buffet, Mick Fleetwood, Burt Bacharach and Bonnie Raitt. Listen to the album below.

CD $20 Including Postage

Road To Victory

CD single written by John Harley Weston and Sandy Jones for the mighty Brisbane Lions AFL team (Aussie rules football). Released via Festival/Mushroom records. © 1999 John Harley Weston and P 1999 Festival Records Fido. All Rights Reserved. No longer for sale.


In 2006, after fans of Frontier, John's old UK band, demanded new songs, John and guitarist Brian Cunningham collaborated again to write 'Be Careful What you Wish For'. In the 90's Frontier were signed to Phonogram alongside Texas, Wet Wet Wet, Dire Straits and Robert Plant. After recording with the legendary Steeley Dan producer Gary Katz amongst others, Frontier toured stadiums supporting Wet Wet Wet, released 2 singles and recorded a great album. The band split in 1992 but what makes this collaboration interesting is that Weston was in Australia and Cunningham was in Scotland. To hear more Frontier music go to

Our Backyard

John's song 'Last Days Of Summer' (co-written by Tony Beard) from the album Hope Harbour is featured on this cool compilation album highlighting quality recordings of Beaudesert Shire artists. Released by Beau FM radio (Feb/Mar 2005) in conjunction with CBF, distributed by AMRAP to over 300 community radio stations Australia-wide. Call your local community station and request the song.

Our Backyard

Show Casing Different Production Styles

Two versions of the same song' I Believe In Magic'. A pop version followed by rock version, both written, produced and performed by John Harley Weston. © P 2009 All Rights Reserved.

Working With Other Songwriters

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Compilation of 5 songs in this order:
© P 2011 So Beautiful (words and music by Chris Miles & Luke Damsma. Vocals by John Harley Weston)
© P 2011 Living The Dream (words by Chris Miles & music and vocals by John Harley Weston.
© P 2011 Where Are You Now (words and music by Kevin Schipke. Vocals by John Harley Weston)
© P 2011 Let Go The Dogs Of War (words and music by Kevin Schipke. Vocals by John Harley Weston)
© P 2011 Build Up Australia (words and music by Kevin Schipke. Vocals by John Harley Weston)

Live Acoustic - Soundbytes

Listen Here

© P 2007 A compilation of some live acoustic tunes - including Joni Mitchell's 'Both Sides Now', Sam Cooke's 'Wonderful World', Paul Kelly's 'To Her Door', The Beatles 'Blackbird' and CCR's 'Have You Ever Seen The Rain'. All with John Harley Weston's original sound.

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