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Fly on the wall
fly on the wall

This page is for Film, TV, Music and corporate professionals. Below is a selection of songs from award winning songwriter John Harley Weston. Listen instantly, when you find a track you'd like to use contact us to discuss competitive rates and obtain the necessary licenses prior to use. John's music has been featured on Channel 9's 'The Voice' Australia, added to Channel 7's Beijiing Olympics playlist and more. Much of John's music is registered non-exclusively with music production company 'Jingle Punks'. If you normally deal with 'Jingle Punks' for your music please contact them to request a specific song.

Tracks available with vocals, many as instrumentals, pieces also written on consignment. See 'About' for full list of achievements. All songs registered with performing rights association APRA (affiliated with ASCAP/PRS) ℗ 2016 All Rights Reserved

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